TAPTAP Recordings offers industry standard audio production for all types of projects and is owned and operated by Jacki Paolella. Specializing in mixing, tracking, production, and composition, this Pro Tools based studio can accommodate anything from vocal recording sessions to live tracking with a full band.

TAPTAP Recordings operates from two locations: a project studio at 2501 Fawn Street, and The Garden On Colley at 5115 Colley Ave - a full size studio with isolated rooms, a spacious live room, quiet vocal room, and a top notch control room. The Garden On Colley also offers class A modern and vintage preamps/EQs/compressors (Neve, API, Empircal Labs and more), premium microphones (Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser and more), professional acoustic treatments (diffusers, tube traps, and soundproof doors), and classic amps (Vox, Fender, Ampeg and more) and instruments (Fender, G&L, Roland, Ludwig, and more).

Jacki Paolella is an experienced audio engineer and mixer with over 6 years of professional industry experience (plus an additional 9 as a hobbyist) and has worked with over 70 artists in Virginia and nationally. With both production and compositional works featured on radio stations nationally (with charting tracks), placements on television (including Showtime's "Shameless"), in nationally distributed feature length films, and on digital audio and visual streaming platforms with hundreds of thousands of plays, Jacki was awarded Producer of the Year for the 2017 Veer Music Awards.

Notable clients include Brittain Ashford, Danielle Anderson, Skye Zentz, Kishi Bashi, Black Blinds, WHRO and many, many more!